GoFundMe sought SSPR to position the social crowdfunding giant at the forefront of all “how to help” conversations


In the midst of a successful four-year relationship, GoFundMe presented SSPR with a new challenge: to focus outreach exclusively on top, national-only publications with an unprecedented goal of 600 media placements per month.

GoFundMe also tasked SSPR with a strategic objective: to amplify brand awareness and drive traffic to the platform by increasing national exposure to a heavy stream of individual campaigns as they trend in real-time.

How we got there

To further establish GoFundMe’s status as the largest, go-to social fundraising platform in the world, SSPR created a strategic team process of researching and identifying trending campaigns to engage the interest of key national reporters.

By proactively flagging the most promising campaigns, capitalizing on rapid response opportunities for breaking news and identifying trends, SSPR pitched out more than 50 diverse campaigns to national media. The internal teamwork process was methodically designed to be adaptable in the face of shifting client priorities and the fast-paced news cycle. SSPR’s agility, coupled with open channels of constructive communication with GoFundMe, set up the team for mutual success, securing coverage across multiple verticals including human interest, medical, family and elderly care, education, political, women’s rights, sports and entertainment.

SSPR also brought GoFundMe to the forefront of major news events, directing reporters to existing campaigns that provide support for larger groups of people and communities, including the Women’s March, the Texas mosque fire, the Mexico nightclub shootings and the Quebec mosque shooting. In addition, SSPR helped bring nationwide attention to compelling human interest stories like the 108-year-old woman who needed support to remain in the comfort of her assisted living home, or the young actor, Chris, who took in his elderly neighbor and best friend, Norma.


SSPR substantially increased GoFundMe’s visibility and exceeded its ambitious goal by securing placements in Tier-1 national publications targeting consumers, activists and philanthropists around the globe. In the short span of only 24 days, SSPR secured 638 hits in 68 different national publications, and helped raise over $4,762,989 for GoFundMe campaigns. SSPR brought GoFundMe to the forefront of all “how to help” conversations nationwide in just one month, reaching a total of 3,171,723,702 people.

in a 24 day period
Dollar Amount Raised
through GoFundMe Campaigns

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