Innventure, a new venture capital firm, sought an experienced PR partner to launch their brand and secure recognition in prominent, national tier-one business media


Led by former Walgreens CEO Greg Wasson, Innventure needed to be introduced to an audience already saturated by prominent venture capital minds. The SSPR team was faced with an interesting task: combining Wasson’s elevated personal brand with a completely unknown corporate brand.

How we got there

SSPR curated a group of trusted, objective news influencers and leveraged Wasson’s Fortune 500 CEO pedigree to help build credibility and recognition for Innventure. The team developed a thoughtful campaign combining proactive media engagement and strategic earned media placement.


On launch day, SSPR procured six pieces of earned, featured media in prominent publications that included The New York Times, CNBC and USA Today, for a combined online readership of 570 million in only 60 days. The average domain authority of these pieces was near 90 – well above average. The articles also garnered an estimated 334K views, with a total of 1.68K social shares.

Online Readership
Estimated Views on Articles

Notable Coverage