SSPR helped Ossia successfully launch their new Cota wireless charging product at CES in Las Vegas


Ossia worked with SSPR to unveil their revolutionary Cota wireless charging device at CES. Their SSPR team designed a strategy to break through the noise of the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show through traditional and social media channels, flood their booth with reporters ready to try Cota in person and drive YouTube video views on the Ossia Real Wireless Power Cota commercial.

Pieces of coverage
surrounding the launch

How we got there

SSPR designed a paid Facebook boosted post campaign to increase visibility for the Ossia Real Wireless Power Cota commercial during CES, including strategic Facebook audience targeting to amplify the video. SSPR targeted 25 to 45-year-old males who have interests in technology, travel, business, wireless, internet access, business travel, tech journalism and mobile phones. The Ossia Real Wireless Power Cota commercial received over 5K views in 7 days on YouTube.


SSPR secured nearly a dozen in-person reporter meetings and on-site demos and 25 pieces of coverage surrounding the launch, including GeekWire, Digital Trends, Gizmodo, PCWorld and Network World. The success of SSPR’s CES campaign was further highlighted when Ossia was awarded the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award at CES 2016.

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YouTube views
in 7 days