5 Ways to Foster a Successful, Creative Team of Millennials


Our VP of Innovation, Kelley Heider, shares her advice on fostering a collaborative, successful team of millennial employees in this insightful Observer piece:

The corporate tides are changing. I joke that the coke-fueled, hyper-masculine corporate world of the 1980s is trying to claw its way back to relevance now that the community-minded, touchy-feely millennial culture has taken hold. In the eighties, leadership meant obnoxious displays of dominance rooted in insecurity. Corporate culture was bleak and miserable, and it needed to change.

We are currently struggling to define what the next era looks like. It’s not just corporate slides and coffee bars; there’s a new ethos that many companies are failing to capture. In an effort to attract qualified candidates, they succumb to the superficial trappings of the “new corporate America.”

Millennials can smell bullshit a mile away, so if you’re going to cater meals and have structured playtime, do it for the right reasons.

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