How To Use Integrated Media And Why it Makes Sense


Our CEO, Heather Kelly, wrote a piece in PR News Online on the importance of integrated media in a holistic PR approach:

Imagine that a restaurant’s menu offers a delicious-looking entree of spaghetti, meatballs and red sauce. Wonderful. Well, sorry, but you are prohibited from ordering them together, on a single plate. Absurd, right? Sounds like a Seinfeld episode.

That is the state of earned, paid and owned media. You can use PR for earned media, digital marketing or advertising for paid media, or content marketing for owned media. But mixing them? Blasphemy.

In reality, separation of media is an illusion. Earned, paid and owned are not types of media but rather are distribution methods. Nothing is preventing you from blending them.

When you combine spaghetti, meatballs, and red sauce, the sum is greater than its parts. The same goes for media. When you earn, pay for and own the same content, you get integrated media.

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