American Addiction Centers had a wealth of treatment information and helpful resources across its multiple website domains and came to SSPR to put it in the hands of those who need it most


Those struggling with the disease of addiction need support, resources and treatment, but there are often too many barriers to access. American Addiction Centers (AAC) needed a way to drive users to its resource sites (, and rehab facility pages (, so people could seek the help they needed.

How we got there

SSPR implemented an aggressive, SEO-focused PR strategy to secure backlinks in high-tiered publications to move AAC’s resources higher in search engine rankings, as well as drive website traffic from social media posts.

This strategy included:

  • Prioritizing media outlets allowing backlinks – some outlets charge money; some remove backlinks because it’s against their editorial policy
  • Tailoring the backlink ask to each reporter – some reporters were more inclined to add a backlink when they were reminded the interview/byline was to help people find the support they needed
  • Including backlinks in email commentary when sending to a reporter
  • Including backlinks in the spokesperson bio to increase credibility and brand visibility across the entire organization
  • Strategically adding backlinks to the most important keywords like “addiction” and “rehab”
  • Placing bylines/op-eds to control which backlinks were used
  • On social media, providing users with links to resources and information on where to find help
  • Adjusting content strategy based on Google Analytics insight, indicating which links were most compelling to users


On average, 85% of media placements and 100% of published bylines/op-eds included at least one backlink. Of the articles with backlinks, about half of them included more than one backlink. Web traffic from social media since SSPR began managing the AAC channels increased by 38% (compared to the previous period).

The top three articles that drove the most web traffic saw these impressive results:

A Guide To Helping And Getting Help During The Coronavirus Crisis

204 sessions,

1.41 pages/session,

1:05 avg. session duration

CBD For Pain Relief: What The Science Says

116 sessions,

105 new users,

1.19 pages/session,

0:48 avg. session duration

Substance Abuse Among Veterans Increasing As Mental Health Issues Go Untreated, Study Finds

102 sessions,

1.68 pages/session,

2:11 avg. session duration