ATS, an industrial services provider, wanted more manufacturing eyes on their brand. What outlets were their potential customers reading, and how could ATS be included?


ATS’s overall goal was to reach decision-makers at manufacturing plants. They knew increased brand awareness with potential customers could lead to future sales, but they needed a partner to help them get there.

How we got there

Knowing that ATS’s target audience follows industry trade magazines closely, SSPR built a strategic plan to reach publications spanning various types of manufacturing, offering stories with solutions for everyday pain points. To complement the media strategy, the social media team helped amplify ATS’s brand messaging, the media outreach topics and manufacturing industry trade trends.


The SSPR team garnered high-impact cover stories in six major manufacturing trades. On the social media side, the messaging strategy adjustment and amplification of media placements resulted in LinkedIn impressions increasing to 245,994 – a 96% growth in Q1.