BELAY came to SSPR needing to attract top talent in the gig economy and raise awareness of their expertise in remote leadership through national publications


Establishing BELAY as a thought leader in the highly competitive business, human resources, remote culture and management spaces meant seizing all opportunities in relevant outlets, including top-tier business and targeted trade publications, podcasts and news sites.

How we got there

By monitoring the news for articles surrounding the trending topic of remote work and the gig economy, SSPR was able to target influencers at top tier publications and insert BELAY into the conversations through creatively curated pitches.

Building upon these relationships, SSPR ensured a steady stream of coverage – Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur, among others – amplifying BELAY’s core messaging around growing a successful organization virtually.


SSPR secured a mix of 35 top tier and trade earned media placements in the first six months of this effort. These placements helped direct potential customers to the new BELAY website, boosting SEO and driving more sign-ups for BELAY’s virtual services. The earned media resulted in a combined reach of 5.6 billion unique viewers monthly. BELAY reported increased website traffic and conversions resulting directly from targeted trade publication placements.