Boll & Branch's organic, luxury linens were top of class, but in a sea of consumer lifestyle brands, they wanted a media splash to boost their launch


SSPR needed to amplify Boll & Branch brand awareness and increase their national exposure to make an impactful market entry and ensure the company had the luxury linen market cornered.

How we got there

SSPR capitalized on Boll & Branch’s disruptive ethos, ethical business model and non-profit partnerships. An aggressive outreach strategy built around topics in the bedding industry – the thread count myth, how to get a better night’s sleep, prepping your guest room for a

weekend stay – established the brand as a go-to thought leader in the lifestyle space. SSPR also put a strong emphasis on Boll & Branch’s expanded eco-friendly lines, positioning the company as a leader in Fair Trade-certified products that appeal to the conscious consumer.


SSPR secured widely read stories in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Business, Parade Magazine, JustLuxe and Elite Daily. By leveraging company announcements, SSPR also secured prominent coverage in publications like Refinery 29, Business Insider, The Nest, Entrepreneur, ABC News, The Huffington Post, Fast Company and Fortune.

Notable Coverage

“You guys are going WAY above and beyond. I am so happy – it’s so exciting to have such great momentum. The press you’re getting is hitting the target perfectly and helping our conversion and performance to be very high.”

Scott Tannen, CEO & Co-Founder