CuriosityStream, a streaming media service sharing original science, technology and history documentaries, came to SSPR to increase visibility and viewership in the space


With more cable consumers cutting the cord and streaming media becoming the norm, CuriosityStream came to SSPR to increase their visibility as the leader in original, factual streaming documentaries exploring technology, history and science topics.

How we got there

SSPR honed in on the most mind-blowing facts from CuriosityStream’s original content featuring Stephen Hawking, Edward Snowden and Pearl Harbor, crafting intriguing messaging to promote the films. 

Targeted outreach to technology, science, space and streaming media reporters secured 58 placements in a variety of outlets – Mashable, USA Today, CNET,, Travel + Leisure and AP – all in the first 3 months of the campaign.


SSPR’s targeted media placements have attracted continued new customer sign-ups and increased platform viewership for CuriosityStream. SSPR continues to successfully implement a tiered media strategy to support CuriosityStream’s documentaries and the company’s core mission: providing content that enriches and enlightens humans to better understand our world.