Doximity, a HIPAA-secure online community for doctors, came to SSPR to stake their claim as the go-to social media network for busy MDs


With professional networks popping up in every industry, Doximity wanted to grow from a late-entry player in the space to the main social network for doctors. They hoped to grow their user base with active, influential MDs and increase their share of voice in the populated space.

How we got there

SSPR built a brand awareness campaign by leveraging Doximity’s already-established network of doctors as local brand ambassadors. Thought leadership campaigns for the company’s executive team and board members highlighted technology, healthcare and financial expertise, elevating not only individual profiles but that of Doximity as an influential community. The SSPR team also built out an announcement schedule for product and company news to support the brand’s growth.


SSPR’s fully comprehensive media campaign helped Doximity grow their social network from 30,000 to 200,000 doctors in less than three years – well beyond some of their nearest competitors. Local doctors were featured on NPR stations and in daily newspapers, as well as on national business television, which increased professional engagement on the social media network. The elevated brand awareness and user numbers ultimately led to significant new funding for the company.

Social Network Growth
During Media Campaign

Notable Coverage