As data protection and information management grew in importance for global business security, Druva wanted to become the go-to cloud solution for enterprise


Druva came to SSPR as a new kind of data protection solution for the enterprise. The catch: They wanted to attract media and industry attention that would position them as a full-caliber business, not a startup. SSPR needed to ensure Druva’s brand grew in congruence with their company ambition.

How we got there

SSPR crafted a multi-layered plan of attack to position Druva as a seasoned business. First, SSPR pitched Druva’s experts as thought leaders in the data and information management space. Second, SSPR created and executed a channel launch plan to secure business coverage across various mediums.

The third and most challenging aspect of the plan was

penetrating the U.K. media realm as a U.S.-based company. SSPR scheduled quarterly trips for Druva Executive Steve McChesney to get quality face-to-face time with top U.K. industry reporters. This resulted in established U.K. media relationships, an improved executive voice to Druva’s local customer base and brand awareness for their first moderated panel.


When Druva launched their brand presence with a dual announcement, SSPR secured top-tier coverage in both the U.S. and U.K. The SSPR team also executed an aggressive press release schedule of funding and product announcements for the company. Local customer testimonials were used to further establish Druva as the number one data protection solution in the space. Also, by positioning Druva executives as expert thought leaders, SSPR secured national coverage in Forbes, TechCrunch and Network World.