In the race to the cloud, EdgeWave became a leading expert in business cybersecurity with SSPR's help


As businesses adopt cloud technologies, cybersecurity startup EdgeWave wanted to educate companies on the benefits of using breach remediation to combat cyberattacks. Not only was EdgeWave entering the competitive cloud space, but they took a radical approach to cloud security.

How we got there

SSPR leveraged EdgeWave’s Managing Director of Cybersecurity Operations, Captain Mike Walls, a U.S. military cyberwarfare veteran and former combat Naval Aviator. With his knowledge on how nation states – such as China, Russia and North Korea – infiltrate corporate

networks and then wait for long periods before striking, Captain Walls became a key player in securing media opportunities. SSPR utilized his expertise to build brand credibility and raise the company’s profile in the growing cloud and cybersecurity market.


SSPR landed EdgeWave in NBC Nightly News, The Washington Post, USA Today and multiple IT and security publications. Captain Mike Walls, by association with EdgeWave, is frequently called upon by the media to discuss the evolving capabilities of U.S. adversaries in the cybersecurity realm.

Notable Coverage