Emergence Capital Partners sought SSPR to kick their company awareness into high gear: How could they educate the right audience, enterprise tech entrepreneurs, about their investments and interests?


When Emergence Capital Partners (ECP) came to SSPR, they had PR firm fatigue. They’d worked with several public relations agencies, none of whom could build brand awareness or media coverage for their venture capital firm.

How we got there

From the kickoff, the SSPR team worked in conjunction with the partners to develop talking points and messaging based on the firm’s main goal: building their profile as an enterprise-technology-focused organization.

SSPR leveraged the team’s vast knowledge to provide insight on trends within mobile, cloud and SaaS. A broadcast television campaign gave the firm a wide platform to discuss their work and also highlighted the successes of their portfolio companies.


SSPR assisted in planning events for media-portfolio company interaction, as well as scheduled in-person meetings with key contacts at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal. In addition to the media coverage campaign, SSPR drafted whitepapers and secured speaking opportunities for the firm.

Notable Coverage