Full Circle Insights, a marketing ROI tool integrated with Salesforce, sought SSPR to help increase client acquisition and raise its company profile


Martech is a crowded space, with hundreds of possible solutions for companies to add to their marketing stack. SSPR was challenged with differentiating Full Circle Insights’ solution and building a media presence for the growing startup.

How we got there

By developing a consistent news cadence and ambitious thought leadership campaigns, SSPR helped grow Full Circle Insights’ industry presence. The SSPR team fully capitalized on growing industry discussions around marketing ROI and leveraged Full Circle’s

product improvements to drive marketing trade news stories. At the same time, SSPR sought openings for CEO Bonnie Crater to speak out about challenges facing female entrepreneurs and discrimination in the tech industry.


SSPR’s efforts and consistent coverage resulted in a 47% industry mindshare for Full Circle Insights, as compared against the company’s four closest competitors. With this spike in coverage, Full Circle also had its best quarter ever in demo requests, resulting in more qualified leads for the sales pipeline and increased client acquisition.

Industry Mindshare

Notable Coverage

“SSPR has become a vital piece of our marketing mix – we honestly can’t live without them! Our team is amazed by the quality and cadence of press coverage SSPR secures, despite the smaller size of our company. They’ve successfully raised the profiles of both our company and CEO in top-tier and trade publications. They’re creative and insightful in their pitch angles, they keep our name front and center in the press, and our overall business objectives remain the focus of their strategy. We’ve even been able to prove a correlation between press coverage and demo requests for our product!”

Christine Vermes, Vice President & Head of Marketing