GuideSpark, a change communications platform, sought SSPR to help build its analyst relations program and market credibility


GuideSpark needed clarity on where it fit into the market, as its services aligned within different market categories. The company also needed to tighten product messaging, home in on core buyer personas and tell the brand story differently to emphasize its unique value. Through an aggressive analyst relations program, SSPR aimed to showcase GuideSpark’s differentiators to analysts and demonstrate how employee communication and technology fit into organizations’ larger business goals.

How we got there

SSPR secured a mix of briefings, inquiries and strategy calls with industry-focused and tier-one analysts in the HR Tech, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Digital Workplace markets. The team also increased customer awareness through strategic Gartner inquiries and identified upcoming reports on employee communications and digital adoption, which aligned with GuideSpark’s key offerings.


SSPR built GuideSpark’s credibility and helped educate industry analysts on its offerings by connecting with 16 analyst firms and facilitating 40+ engagements with key analysts. The team built relationships with analysts who are thought leaders in employee communications, HR technology and HCM, and managed GuideSpark’s paid relationships with Gartner Research and Bersin by Deloitte. SSPR also managed a large survey project with IDC, which resulted in unique industry research and a sponsored InfoBrief titled, “Strategic Corporate Communications: 5 Steps to Overcome the Noise and Increase Impact.” The survey data underscored the need for clear, concise communication, especially during times of change. GuideSpark was also featured in a 451 Research Impact Report that focused on the company’s contextual communication for knowledge workers and how it improves the employee experience.

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