In a world turning its back on annual performance reviews, Halogen, a company revolutionizing employee development, looked to SSPR to position their executives as thought leaders in the HR space


Halogen had a unique approach to employee performance management. With many companies set in their old performance review habits, SSPR sought to help the Halogen team demonstrate the need for updated HR procedures.

How we got there

SSPR inserted Halogen executives into conversations about the importance of real-time feedback, ease of communication between managers and their direct reports, and killing the annual performance review. The team targeted trade publications to directly reach Halogen’s customers: HR professionals. SSPR further established Halogen executives as subject matter experts by offering briefings to industry thought leaders on HR trends and topics.


In only two years, SSPR heavily increased Halogen’s share of voice and secured over 100 media placements in major HR trades and tier one business publications such as Inc. and Forbes. Ultimately, the boost in brand profile contributed to Halogen’s acquisition by Saba Software in 2017.

Notable Coverage