came to SSPR with an ultimate plan: to be acquired

THE CHALLENGE’s top goal was to be acquired, but they needed to boost blueprint sales and elevate their brand within the construction industry before this happened

How we got there

SSPR started by leveraging’s design and construction content, highlighting the most popular home designs by region. The team shared infographics, reports and actual home designs with construction and home design reporters for local, national and industry-specific coverage.

SSPR also positioned’s CEO as an expert on home design, building and property tips to secure contributed content placements and multiple interview opportunities. After establishing the CEO’s brand, SSPR created a rapid response campaign for the CEO to comment on breaking news related to building a home and safeguarding from natural disasters.


After working with SSPR for only one year, was acquired by Hanley Wood, a leading construction and home design magazine publisher. SSPR secured a total of 55 media placements for, an average of 14 per quarter, including three features in The Wall Street Journal and additional tier-one placements in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Construction Digital and

Notable Coverage