With rising travel costs and quality luggage hard to find, iFLY launched an affordable – and stylish – solution for the fashion-forward crowd


iFLY’s affordable, durable luggage was a hit with consumers, but the world of social influencers and Pinterest-obsessed buyers was a segment that eluded them. They hoped their new line of Rose Gold and Gold-hued suitcases would attract those important customers, but needed help getting the word out.

How we got there

SSPR built an aggressive media campaign to target millennial-focused lifestyle outlets. A partnership with The Bachelor winner Vanessa Grimaldi opened up the world of celebrity tabloids and added an aspirational element to the product line. In addition, a fully

integrated social media campaign magnified iFLY’s product photography and The Bachelor partnership. The SSPR team ran a carefully curated social advertising campaign targeting millennial brands to drive traffic and increase engagement.


For the first time in the company’s history, iFLY sold out of products in the pre-order phase. A major placement in the print edition of Life & Style magazine, plus social media posts by The Bachelor couple using their luggage, drove massive product demand. In just a few weeks, iFLY’s Facebook followers increased by 136%, its Facebook page received 455% more post engagements and content reached 146,932 people – a mind-boggling increase of 8,508%.

Percent Increase
Facebook Followers
People Reached