Mucker Capital came to SSPR in order to build credibility and brand awareness in the exclusive venture capital space


Los Angeles firm Mucker Capital launched in 2014 and needed help amplifying their brand awareness outside of Silicon Valley as well as growing their accelerator startup, MuckerLab. Their goal was to guide budding startups through the most critical stage of growth and support them with seed-stage investments.

How we got there

In order to elevate Mucker Capital’s brand, SSPR took a three-pronged approach in the form of thought leadership, rapid response and portfolio company promotion.

1) Thought Leadership: Step one in elevating Mucker Capital’s credibility was positioning the company as an expert in startup growth. SSPR accomplished this by leveraging creative thought leadership topics, such as tips for entrepreneur growth and the do’s and don’ts of VC pitching, to land coverage in multiple business publications.

2) Rapid Response: Second, SSPR took on a VC strategy for media relations; they monitored the news and tracked accelerators, significant funding rounds, company launches and IPO announcements every day. With daily insight into the industry, SSPR positioned

Mucker Capital as the go-to resource for breaking venture capital news. Not only did this tactic secure coverage in national business and technology press, but it resulted in inbound commentary requests from publications like LA Times, Mashable, TechCrunch and Forbes.

3) Portfolio Company Promotion: Finally, to elevate MuckerLab, SSPR worked with CEOs and founders of their portfolio companies that were in early stages of growth. SSPR designed compelling messaging around funding as well as product and launch announcements to position these companies as hot new startups to influential tech and startup reporters. Not only did this tactic produce national business coverage on all 12 announcements SSPR managed, but it also validated MuckerLab’s expertise and positioned Mucker Capital as the promising accelerator for startup partnership.


In less than a year, SSPR secured 92 pieces of national business coverage for Mucker Capital. As a result of this strategic campaign, Mucker Capital was named #2 startup accelerator in the country in 2014. Two years later, the company was listed in the Platinum Category for top-seed accelerator rankings amongst the most prominent accelerators like YCombinator, 500 Startups and StartX.

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