With children facing increasing dangers in an online world, My Mobile Watchdog wanted to be known by concerned schools and parents as a trusted partner navigating digital safety


Incidents of cyber-bullying, catfishing, sexting and inappropriate content capture headlines far too often, but these discussions rarely highlight a solution to the digital safety epidemic. My Mobile Watchdog’s goal was to spark a candid dialogue about the need for joint ownership of the problem between parents and schools – and to become a trusted partner in the fight for online safety.

How we got there

SSPR started a proactive media relations campaign to elevate awareness of My Mobile Watchdog’s brand and products, while offering company subject matter experts to share their perspectives on developing news stories. Given the sensitivity of cybercrimes involving children, SSPR and My Mobile Watchdog carefully crafted messaging that enhanced the conversation surrounding resources and potential solutions without appearing overly self-serving.


The campaign resulted in 89 media placements over a 9-month span, including placements in USA Today, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Denver Post, The Baltimore Sun, The Christian Science Monitor and a broadcast appearance on HLN.

Media Placements
in 9 months

Notable Coverage