With the rise of cable cord cutting, Popcornflix, a streaming media service, sought SSPR to boost brand awareness and attract more viewers to their site


With well-known competitors like Netflix already making headway in the streaming space, Popcornflix approached SSPR to help promote their niche content titles and platform and device expansions.

How we got there

SSPR capitalized on news surrounding other streaming services – Netflix, Aereo TV and Hulu – to offer Popcornflix’s executives opportunities to comment on Over-The-Top Content (OTT), online video and streaming media trends. To establish Popcornflix’s credibility in the growing OTT space, SSPR implemented rapid response campaigns and tracked competitor coverage, inserting Popcornflix into timely news conversations. SSPR also developed creative campaigns to promote Popcornflix’s movie titles and platform news. This included creating movie recommendation listicles to build interest for their niche content in online websites and blogs.


SSPR’s work resulted in multiple business features, including Fox Business’s Varney & Company and an ongoing guest spot for seven Bloomberg TV segments. Both segments featured Popcornflix’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and contributed to building the company’s national brand recognition and credibility. Through rapid response outreach, SSPR secured interviews for Popcornflix’s executives in publications such as WIRED, GigaOM, Mashable, Reuters and Associated Press. Popcornflix’s new movie titles and platform expansion news were consistently featured in online streaming media publications. Not only did this trade vertical coverage generate more viewers for their specific channels in consumer-lifestyle, family and horror blogs, but it also landed Popcornflix in FierceOnlineVideo’s list of Top 15 Startups in Online Video.

Notable Coverage

“It has been such a pleasure working with you. You have been integral in bringing Popcornflix up from the bottom and you are doing a fabulous job continuing to move the needle! Thanks again for all your hard work!“

-Kelsey Barry, Former Digital Marketing & Operations Manager