PowerInbox, an email monetization platform, looked to SSPR for assistance with using LinkedIN advertising to bring marketing qualified leads into its sales funnel


LinkedIn advertising is a great way to reach potential customers, but without the right targeting, ad dollars can go to waste. PowerInbox needed expert guidance to not only raise awareness with new potential customers, but to push them through the sales funnel as qualified leads.

How we got there

SSPR worked closely with the PowerInbox marketing and sales teams on target customer demographics. This allowed SSPR to lead LinkedIn users through the awareness and consideration stages of the sales funnel, eventually turning them into qualified leads.

By strategically using LinkedIn Sponsored Content and InMail campaigns to leverage PowerInbox marketing materials, SSPR used LinkedIn audience targeting to ensure each ad was delivered to a relevant, potential customer.


Through LinkedIn advertising, SSPR was able to bring 16 marketing-qualified leads into the PowerInbox sales funnel and contribute to the overall goal of increasing customers. Our click-through-rate (CTR) was sky-high at 1.17%, compared to the industry average of just .35%.

LinkedIn Advertising Statistics




Marketing-Qualified Leads