In the increasingly competitive HR space, performance management company Reflektive came to SSPR to stand out as a leading HR tech innovator ahead of the needs of the ever-evolving workforce


Reflektive had a long list of competitors and needed to remain forward-looking to meet the changing demands of the modern workforce. While the definition of the employee-employer relationship continued to be redefined, SSPR strategically showcased Reflektive’s fundamental differentiators, illustrating how their software solutions and company mission stayed ahead of the curve.

How we got there

SSPR highlighted Reflektive’s greatest strengths: robust performance management products and its genuine commitment to nurturing employee growth. By establishing a strategic cadence of press release announcements on product enhancements and developments, SSPR helped bolster Reflektive’s reputation as not only a transformative software solution, but also a steadfast advocate of building growth-focused company cultures.

The team leveraged customer testimonials, developing messaging around the strongest use-cases to showcase ROI to potential buyers. SSPR also put Reflektive in front of critical investors through funding announcements in top finance and tech publications. Additionally, the team developed thought leadership campaigns to support media outreach efforts, positioning Reflektive as an industry leader dedicated to advancing the way companies help employees grow.


The coverage SSPR secured contributed to Reflektive’s funding efforts, which reached over $42 million. In just Q1 and Q2 of 2017, the team secured 28 pieces of earned coverage, including placements in tier one business publications like The Economist, USA Today, CNBC and Fortune. HR trade placements targeting key buyer segments included HR Dive, Chief Learning Officer, Workforce Magazine and Information Age. With 15.8K social shares from these placements, Reflektive continues to dominate share of voice in the marketplace when stacked against top performance management competitors.

Pieces of Q1 and Q2
Earned Media Coverage

Notable Coverage