With the SaaS industry exploding, TeamSupport came to SSPR to elevate its customer service solution above the noise


TeamSupport wanted to highlight its customer service solution in the niche B2B customer service SaaS industry. To get on the map and grow its brand, the company needed a tailored media and thought leadership approach.

How we got there

The SSPR team developed and executed a thought leadership strategy that highlighted TeamSupport’s CEO as an expert in the B2B field who could speak to customer service trends. Knowing that TeamSupport’s software addressed missing gaps in the industry, such as navigating live chat, omnichannel support and emphasizing the human relationship over automation in B2B customer service, the team crafted specific messaging around these pain points. Additionally, SSPR engaged in a rapid response campaign for TeamSupport, monitoring breaking news around chat bots and emerging tech in customer service to insert the company’s insight into the conversation.


SSPR secured multiple tier-one interviews that shed a light on TeamSupport’s differentiators and expertise. By leveraging the CEO’s personal experience as well as rapid response pitching, SSPR secured coverage in top publications such as Entrepreneur, Forbes and PCMag. In the span of one quarter, the team landed 14 impactful article placements.