When it came time for Topia (formerly MOVE Guides) to announce an acquisition and rebrand, the global mobility management company turned to SSPR to make a big splash


Topia was making moves: It not only acquired a new company, but it was ready to launch a rebrand of its own. With a timeline of just five days, SSPR needed to act fast and get creative to ensure an impactful news campaign and rebrand.

How we got there

SSPR decided that offering an exclusive on Topia’s acquisition news was the best strategic approach given the tight timeline. After securing an exclusive feature on the acquisition, the team developed a robust, fully integrated media and social media campaign that aligned Topia’s new messaging, logo and branding

across all social platforms and media outreach.
In addition, by utilizing a sponsored post with VentureBeat in conjunction with the rebrand news,
SSPR was able to tie in Topia’s new messaging with lessons the founder and CEO had learned since the onset of the company.


The coverage earned during the campaign established brand validity for Topia as a leader in global mobility management. SSPR secured an exclusive TechCrunch feature on the acquisition news, a sponsored VentureBeat post, commentary in Inc., and a live Bloomberg TV slot for Topia’s CEO Brynne Kennedy.

Notable Coverage

“What a fantastic way to start working together!!”

Brynne Kennedy, CEO


“We’re passionate about the industry need Topia is solving and
dedicated to telling their brand story.”

SSPR Topia Team