Townew is the world’s first trash can that seals and changes the liners for you


Hundreds of companies put their product on display at Pepcom, and standing out is no easy feat for brands. SSPR helped Knectek Labs launch their newest product, Townew, by securing positive media coverage and impactful product reviews in consumer and home lifestyle publications.

How we got there

SSPR solidified and streamlined Townew’s messaging, introducing the new product to the technology and lifestyle markets. Capitalizing on the Pepcom Trade Show, we connected with attending media and those who cover consumer technology.

By identifying the right message for the right readers, SSPR positioned Townew as the most innovative, helpful and advanced technology for anyone’s household.


1,200 SSPR secured consistent coverage within the tech and consumer lifestyle industries, positioning Townew as a life-changing household item. This strong coverage led Townew into success for their first official launch of the product.

Notable Coverage