WÜD Life, a tech accessory company specializing in natural design, was ready to roll out their new RÖK collection featuring phone cases made with real rock


WÜD Life came to SSPR to boost brand awareness and drive sales of their new RÖK collection phone cases. With so many phone case options out there, WÜD Life wanted to stand out from the crowd and make a big impact.

How we got there

SSPR’s strategy was two-fold: reach WÜD Life’s consumers in the outlets they read, and elevate brand awareness in the technology space in order to reach potential business partners. The success of these campaigns hinged on a unique, tactile reporter experience: seeing, after all, is believing. The SSPR team worked with WÜD Life to develop an informative and beautiful sample box to send to media, and found that having a hands-on experience with the phone cases was a key to unlocking coverage.


SSPR secured 11 pieces of coverage within the first month of announcing the RÖK case collection. Throughout the launch, SSPR secured coverage in publications such as Droid-Life, Android Central, Mac World and BestProducts.com. These placements spiked website traffic, which led to direct sales as well as potential business partnerships. The coverage also caught the eyes of Verizon, who approached WÜD Life about a future opportunity to be sold in their stores.

Pieces of Coverage
In the 1st Month

Notable Coverage