Webinars to Increase in Popularity


There’s no denying that the economy has put a serious dent in the pocketbooks of individuals and businesses alike. However, it is perhaps more crucial than ever to keep up public relations efforts, as well as training and educating employees, clients and potential clients and partners. If the budget is too tight to do much, you might want to consider a webinar.

A webinar is basically a jazzed up video conference. With continuously advancing technology, webinars are becoming increasingly popular due to the lessening degree of difficulty and cost. At one time, video conferences and webinars were thought to be the tools of giant corporations. Not any more.

Originally, a webinar was a term used for any kind of discussion group, whether or not it was a live thread. Over the past few years, the term has become related to a live web presentation. The webinar is typically a one way conversation. There is a presenter with (hopefully) pertinent information. Some presenters may choose to incorporate a phone conferencing system in order to take questions at the end of the presentation. Webinars can also be given by more than one presenter. There are instances where a fully interactive webinar will take place. The fully interactive webinars are able to function by using VoIP technology.

There are two main reasons why webinars are increasing in popularity. The first one is that non-IT people are able to put it together without pulling all of their hair out. Until recently, there was not a standard platform or format which made it difficult. Companies are working on making the procedure somewhat standardized to reduce confusion and to promote ease of us

Another big reason to use webinars is the economy. Many companies have been forced to make deep cuts in their promotional budgets. While cutting too much out of PR is unwise, it is sometimes a necessary evil. In the least, business travel has been severely restricted or cut out by even the largest corporations. The loss of face to face contact can be damaging and therefore, a webinar can be a company’s saving grace.



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