SSPR Named a Best Adoption Friendly Workplace

By Heather Kelly
Heather is a 20+ year PR pro. With a passion for masterful storytelling, customized campaigns and efficiently maximizing resources, she has led smart, effective strategies and campaigns for hundreds of companies in every industry, on any budget.

I am honored and humbled to be at the helm of a vibrant, rewarding and innovative workplace that attracts and engages the best PR pros in the business. It’s important to me to ensure our employees maintain a healthy and fulfilling work-life balance. For many of our staff, part of that balance means the desire to start, grow and nurture a family, including through adoption.

Please join me in celebrating that SSPR has been selected by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption as a best adoption friendly workplace! SSPR is #1 in our industry (Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations) and #4 among Small Employers!

Creating a workplace that ranks among the top in the country in adoption support is very personal to me. I was born into a family built through adoption. My dad and his sister (my aunt) were both adopted by my grandparents through Catholic Charities in the 1940s-1950s.

As my husband and I thought about creating our family, adoption was our clear choice. We are fortunate that through adoption we have 2 funny, amazing, artistic, wonderful children that bring us joy every single day.

While adoption is becoming more accepted and mainstream, there is still opportunity for education. As I watch world class athlete Simone Biles dominate gymnastics during the 2016 Summer Olympics, and yet make national news when a sports commentator states her parents are in fact ‘not her parents’ because she is adopted, my heart is broken.

Every morning when I wake up, I am like every mother. I don’t think about genetics, or blood, or lineage. I think about runny noses and packed lunches, and creating a life for my children full of joy and opportunity. Seeing my family, or Simone Biles family, or any family created through adoption as somehow not whole is naïve to what it truly takes to make a family.

By creating and supporting a formal adoption benefits program we are providing a powerful incentive for young professionals who know they can join our team with the confidence that we fully support their family goals. We are committed to enabling each employee to have the family of their dreams through whatever means best fit their desires and situations, including adoption.



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