SSPR Rock Stars Share Their Secrets to Success

By Loni Freeman
Loni is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources with a passion for people development. She wears many hats, from hall monitor to cheerleader, and uses her super power of asking the right questions to solve for the root cause.

At SSPR, we’re truly lucky to have so many creative, critical thinkers filling our talent pool. When I take a look around the company, the main trait I’m most proud of is our ability to stretch – there’s no such thing as good enough at SSPR. Never a day goes by where I’m not challenged to unpack an idea, change my perspective or search for a better solution. And that mindset resonates with the entire staff, as each team member is constantly striving to level-up performance, both as individuals and as an agency. Below, our 2017 rock stars share their secrets to success and what sets us apart from other PR agencies.

We’re part of your team and we’re here whenever you need us.

“My golden rule: I want to provide clients with the type of service and success I would want my own company to receive. My mission with my clients every single day is honesty, transparency and connection. I’m their partner and they can rely on me like they do their own staff members. They can call me whenever they need me.” Kate Weckerly, Media Relations

“I love knowing I can depend on my team. I know we all support each other and everyone is reliable. Clients have us in every time zone. It helps to fulfill clients’ needs whenever and wherever they need us. We all work together, but also in our areas of expertise. That combination helps to elevate the client brand.” Julie Solomon, Media Relations

We see YOU.

“It’s important to be yourself. Show your own unique personality and make your clients laugh. We want to put our clients at ease and make their lives as easy as possible. Laugh with them and at yourself.” Sarah Davis, Social Media

“Honesty is key. The more real you are with the client, the more trust you develop. Clients come to us for advice outside of PR, too, and it shows they value us outside of our relationships with media. The thing I enjoy most is securing the goal coverage they want – when they say they want X and we deliver X, there is such a celebration. We really help our clients grow their business.” Emma Tiernon, Media Relations

“I remind myself every day that our clients have trusted us to create the face of their brand. It’s our responsibility to make them look good. They expect our best work. Every day, I put my best foot forward for them.” Ashley Glenn, Social Media

Connection is the name of our game.

“We really do have a lot of great relationships with the media. Everyone has unique connections and we collaborate as a team to leverage those connections across the agency. It takes the client’s potential to a new level because we are so collaborative.” Kayli Berlin, Media Relations

“We are media and social. We are a collaborative, two-pronged approach with one strategic direction. We have so many different experts and we are able to tap into such diverse experiences. There are so many resources here – we always know where to go to get what we need. I love that we’re a combined team. PR and social bridges with the brand and the customers.” Julianne Weinman, Social Media

“We look to become an extension of our clients’ brands. We develop relationships with our clients, build trust and work together toward the same goals. Talk to your clients like people. Ask them about their weekends. Remember at the end of the day, we’re all human.” Kathleen Bisset, Social Media

We do our research.

“Mainly, I read all the time. I look at industry trends and see how my clients fit into them. And I sleep on it. I also leverage my teammates. I might write something blindly and then show it to three other people for their thoughts. That helps the creative juices flow.” Nikki Arnone, Media Relations

“We build teams based on passion and experience. That’s super helpful because when you love what you do, it gives you the space to be an innovative thinker. It really allows you to be more successful in the end.” Corey Gallagher, Media Relations

“I talk to everyone in the agency about my clients. I’m always down for brainstorm. Just talking with someone can lead to a new idea. Of course, I look at competitors and media daily as well as social channels like YouTube or Instagram. Sometimes I combine a few ideas together. Being able to showcase my unique expertise contributes to my happiness.” Jennifer Hastings, Social Media

Creativity sparks all around us.

“I always had a wild imagination growing up, but I also stay up to date with news and media trends. We’re on top of our game and always in the know. Our teams really inspire me because of our shared passion and creativity. We’re all in it together.” Meghan Reynolds, Media Relations

“My way of thinking creatively is that no idea is too big. I love brainstorming. If I come up with an off-the-wall idea, I scale back. Go big or go home. Nothing is unachievable.” Samantha Tirado, Social Media

Our rock star employees are what make our agency shine. Passion, creativity and agility set us apart from other agencies – we’re never content with the norm. As Sam noted above, it’s go big or go home. I couldn’t be prouder to work among these kickass team members every day. Want to work with our kickass rock star team, too? Reach out!



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