3 Ways You Didn’t Realize You Can Use Google Alerts


A good PR strategy includes taking stock of the industry landscape. One simple hack for always being in-the-know is to make the most of Google Alerts. Tailoring alerts is a great way to notice repeating trends and get a pulse on what’s going on in your space.

While we all use Google Alerts to notify us of our company, product and executive names, these nifty alert emails are a lifesaver for a few other reasons:

1. Industry News

General keywords (we’ll use “E-Commerce”) can give you a basic understanding of what’s happening in your space. Take this one email for example:BlogPic1

In one screen we see a new data service applicable to the e-commerce industry, a freshly-funded company that may or may not be a competitor or partner, a trend piece on the state of competition and, finally, an economic report on the global landscape. That’s a lot of intel in just one quick email scan.

2. Competitive Landscape

In the same frame as the Industry News, tracking competitors’ company names, executive names and product names can keep you informed on competitive developments, customer wins, etc. While it’s useful for your sales team to know who you’re up against, the same holds true for PR. Your PR team and reporters will want to know not only how your products/services differ from your competitors but also, your thoughts on how this news impacts the field as a whole. Knowing the stories your competitors are telling publicly will allow you to work with your PR team to craft stronger messaging that clearly defines those differentiators as well. An added bonus is that you may find reporters who are consistently covering your industry that you want to connect with on social media and be sure to follow personally.

3. Stock Prices

Even though the PR team wants to be the first to know, we might not be aware of all of our client’s business initiatives. Stock prices give us, and you, a pulse for how your company or competitors are doing in the public eye. If there are any major shareholder selloffs or large changes in stock price, positive or negative, it can signify larger news for the company. Tip: Don’t just select news when setting up the alert; include all types. See here:



4. Tracking Journalists

Any good PR firm will get alerts for key journalists in your space will make response pitches more real time to capitalize on all opportunities for your company to get some ink!

Google Alerts are an easy way to be updated in real-time in this fast-paced world! It’s also a good way to build a list of articles you’d like to read or re-read later. What you do with the information is really up to you, but PR strategy is fluid so we must react to changes we see, new concepts we learn about and new trends we can capitalize on.



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