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Brand PR PlanTake This Brand PR Plan Quiz

Are you gearing up to launch a brand PR campaign? How confident are about your PR plan, that it’s buttoned-up and designed for success? Sometimes public relations and marketing professionals rush into a campaign without first doing their metrics-setting and target-audience homework. There’s also the potential problems of off timing and lackluster momentum.

Taking the time upfront to button-up potential loose ends not set as course for satisfying results, it ensures you have the right data to prove your results are great. If you’re currently in brand PR planning mode, screen your campaign by taking the following quiz. The insights following each question might shine a light on areas of a PR plan that might benefit from a bit of repositioning:


Q1: Have you outlined specific, measurable goals in your PR plan?

When goals are specific and measurable, they can help keep a brand PR campaign on track. Some examples: How many influencers should your campaign reach? How many sales leads do you need to generate? How many new email registrations do you want to achieve? How many coupons do you see distributing? How many media impressions (or media hits) do you feel will justify the effort?

After the campaign, make a note of which efforts were worth repeating, and which components fizzled or need modification.

Q2: How well does your brand PR plan pinpoint the right target audience?

This is crucial. Investing your time and budget on wooing the wrong crowd – i.e., one that largely would never be interested in what you’re selling – is a costly (and dangerous) waste. Be sure that your PR campaign appeals to a consumer segment that’s highly likely connect with you. For example, is the campaign goal to attract teens? If so, high schools, malls or social networking sites could be utilized to get the word out.

Understand the target’s lifestyle, and respect the tone of communications they’ll respond to. Otherwise, you risk making your brand look aloof and irrelevant.

Q3: Is there a strong rationale for the timing you have chosen for your campaign?

It’s often smartest to dovetail a brand PR campaign with other opportunities. Consider combining a new product or service release with other marketing efforts such as holiday sales or community support programs. Even seasonal clearance sales can be combined with a new product release to boost sales in both areas.

A solid brand PR campaign is strategic in every way. The goals are measurable; the target audience is in sync with the brand; and often, the campaign is tethered to pre-existing momentum. All told, the practitioner behind a good PR plan works from this premise: If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.



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