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Public Relations Trends

It’s essential for public relations professionals to stay atop the ever-evolving online PR trends. Every company, every brand is mere clicks away from being the hottest thing since sliced bread. But there’s little chance of that happening if there’s not a priority on keeping your content delivery fresh . . . That’s why social media marketing continues to be the hottest of all PR trends.

To that end, be sure you’re using as many of the tools for effective social networking that you can. Here’s a look at some of the breakthrough PR trends – some ideas and software you can start leveraging right now.

Some Trends in PR Today:

  • Social Media:  It’s among the hottest PR trends this decade. From major corporations like Toyota and Doritos to start-up companies in every industry, everyone’s tapping the ultra-connected world of social media to manage their image. So, more public relations professionals must prioritize brand visibility on this front. But note, it’s not enough to merely have a presence on Facebook. Interact regularly with customers and prospects by posting updates, sharing links, and growing your network of “friends.”

  • Hootsuite:  This is one hot, free social media tool. Hootsuite continues to rise in popularity because it’s so helpful. It allows you to manage your posts and updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms from a single application. Use it to schedule your social media updates as far out as you’d like. It’s one of the hot PR trends simply because it makes social marketing easier and far less time-consuming.  It also allows for multiple users for the same company account, which some of the other services don’t allow.

  • SocialOomph:  If you want lots of features and functions, SocialOomph is the social marketing tool to use. The free Twitter app allows you to schedule your Twitter tweets, track your keywords, save drafts, and more. There’s also a paid version of SocialOomph, through which you can automate your Facebook updates, too. This tier lets you tweet by email, auto-follow people meeting your target group, and more.

  • Brand Advocacy in Social Media:  In terms of PR trends, this one is potentially the most interactive and far-reaching. There are people online who like what your company’s about. Re-tool your online marketing arsenal with great stuff that allows them to tell your story for free while social networking. Conversely, engage your brand’s fans with an interesting reason to upload their own videos and testimonials endorsing your products or services. As PR trends go, leveraging the unique power of brand advocates on social media is the future.

  • Social Media Newsrooms (SMNRs)The appetite for more impressive numbers in public relations means that more social media newsrooms (SMNRs) are on the horizon. If you haven’t already, hire a tech-savvy social media firm to design a special page on your website. Here you’ll house all of your press releases, videos, bios, social media buttons, news coverage, and more. The SMNR is a PR trend that makes it easier for journalists to report on your company. Having an SMNR makes it easier for an untapped legion of brand advocates to take your news viral, too.

When executed properly, social media is the best public relations vehicle ever. If you’re not whole-heartedly in this game, you’re simply not growing your business value. This is what makes social networking the most important of PR trends today. It’s an investment opportunity offering short-term gains with great implications for your brand’s future.



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