Breaking: Newspapers aren’t dying

I was lucky enough to attend the PRSA T3 PR Conference in New York this week.  One of the best lessons learned came from Paul Gillin, former Computerworld Editor and T3 Keynoter.  One of his associates in the newspaper industry had said “Newspapers aren’t dying, our readers are.”  I’m sure the same could be said for evening news viewers & Buick drivers.  I tend not to think of this as a funeral, but more of a re-birth.  The death of the traditional newspaper industry has given rise to social networks, Twitter, blogs, and other forms of user-generated content.  Paul mentioned that media hs changed more in the past 5 years, than it has in the past 50; it wil change again even more in the next 5 years.  Personally, I can’t wait to see what is in store.

Peter Shankman predicts that your ‘personal friend feed’ will be similar to that of a CNN ticker, updating you each morning to what your friends have done the night before, reminding about birthdays and upcoming events.  Big Friendships or Big Brother- you decide.

Lastly, we got to meet the genius behind “Will it Blend”  (Check it out- my favorite is the Chuck Norris video on Page 3 of “Do not try this at home”)  I’m so inspired by what George Wright has created by thinking outside of the box.  If this guy can create something so amazing with a boring kitchen appliance, we all should be able to come up out of the box ideas for our clients.



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OK, so maybe newspapers ARE dying.