PR Shouldn’t Be the First Thing to Go


Unless your business is centrally focused on public relationsPR Shouldn't Be the First Thing to Go, there is a likelihood that the advertising budget has taken a turn for the worst in these depressed economic times. While it is understandable to cut back on PR, it is also a practice that may do more damage than good. In other words, don’t shoot yourself in the foot just because shoes have become too expensive.

When the economy is on the downturn, it is wise and perhaps even necessary to reorganize and cut various budgets and even staff. However, it is wise to take a good long look at what the company’s priorities are before making potentially rash decisions.

Aside from large corporations, most companies do not have exorbitant budgets for marketing. Those are the companies that have the best and worst of it all – if PR isn’t 100% necessary to the business’ success, it won’t hurt to cut back or even cut it out, right? Wrong!

Boiled down, PR is the way to reach customers, old and new. You may have the best services in the world but if no one knows about you, then you may as well not exist. Think of it this way. Imagine that you own a pizza franchise. You use your great grandma Morelli’s homemade sauce, make your own sausage and dough from scratch, grow all of the herbs, and use nothing but the highest grade of cheese. Even with all of that goodness and expertise, you average about 25 customers per day. Since the price of cheese has gone through the roof, you’ve have (temporarily) cut out your weekly advertising.

Meanwhile, the crummy pizza shop down the street uses inferior products such as the dreaded “cheese food”, frozen crust, and sauce from a jar. Yet that joint averages 47 customers a day. Why? Because crummy pizza guy runs daily specials in the newspaper and on the radio.

You can see where I’m going with this. It may hurt for a little while but the payoff will be worth it. After all, who can live without pizza? Allowing crummy pizza guy to ruin your time honored and scrumptious pizza recipes into the ground is foolish. Grandma Morelli would not approve.



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