6 iPad Apps That Make Publishing a Snap


One of the most exciting branding opportunities in public relations today is made possible by the Apple iPad. There’s a growing number of ways that PR consultants and specialists can become high-profile publishers and content marketers reaching one of the fast-growing audiences in media: iPad users.

Whether you wish to publish your own thought leadership, case studies and creative, or push your client’s brand, there are several iPad publishing apps that can make it happen. Here’s a look at some of the best, each allowing you to produce beautiful, interactive digital content.

All of these apps can turn you into a faster, stronger digital publisher . . . a brand-builder easily making great impressions on the trendsetting iPad crowd.

  • Blogsy If you’re a regular blogger, the Blogsy app makes real-time blog publishing via your iPad simple. Priced at $4.99, the Blogsy app supports many popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Drupal, and blogging via email. You can easily upload photos and video, insert links, and more – on the fly.
  • PressJack – This hard-working app lets you collect your RSS feed, Web pages and videos, automatically formatting all of it as your own digital magazine. PressJack also lets your site’s visitors create a custom version of your magazine, which can help drive more traffic your way. There’s a free trial offer; the purchase price starts at $499.00. But note, some WordPress bloggers have reported spam issues using PressJack. This, however, doesn’t appear to be a problem for those using other blog platforms.
  • iBooks Author The iBooks Author app makes creating an Apple ebook an easy, drag-and-drop process. Available in the Mac App Store, this free app allows you to turn any Word file into a brilliant, colorful ebook or e-single. Use the app to design Multi-Touch ebooks containing videos, image galleries, interactive diagrams, and more. iBooks Author automatically suggests layouts for your ebook, allows you to resize images, recommends headers and sections, and more. Use iBooks Author to publish a version of your newsletter to the iPad and more.
  • Phoster Priced at $1.99 on iTunes, Phoster is a user-friendly app that helps you create posters. It offers dozens of eye-catching templates, allowing you to stylishly present images captured with your camera. Although promoted as a poster-maker, Phoster’s greatest user group may be those who want to share compelling viral images on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. Some users have expressed concerns about not having the crispest look when actually getting these printed out at poster size. So be creative it you actually plan to go to print with these images. Or just join the crowd who loves using Phoster to publish small-format, compelling viral images to their social media streams.
  • App Studio for Quark Publishing Software – App Studio by Quark allows you to custom create all of the Apple iPad apps that you and your clients would ever need. App Studio automatically assembles and publishes the apps you create. It’s great for creating design-rich, interactive iPad content. Think brochures, financial reports, newspapers, magazines, ebooks – digital versions of all of your PR tools can become an app to reach various audiences. You can even opt to sell your content using the in-app purchases or subscription features. If you already own Quark software, you can purchase App Studio as an upgrade for $349.00.
  • Flipboard It’s one of the most popular iPad apps, and one that every PR practitioner should keep an eye on. Currently available to a limited number of influential Web publishers, Flipboard allows users to turn their favorite RSS feeds and social media streams in to a gorgeous digital magazine. ABC, Bon Appetit and All Things D are but a few of the brands currently publishing via Flipboard to iPad users. The company invites other publishers to join their email list, to be notified once they open the doors for others to join their publishing roster.

Unleash your creativity and start making more powerful PR impressions with the mobile tablet crowd. This audience hungers for engaging content, and these iPad apps make that easy to deliver. Using these apps, you’ll now have a way to meet the iPad audience in compelling new ways, bells ‘n whistles included!



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