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Social Media Newsroom - SS | PRHow cool is your digital PR persona? Does your website have a rarely visited online pressroom? If you do and it doesn’t receive booming traffic, a social media newsroom (SMNR) might be a welcome change. A social media newsroom is a compelling, Web 2.0 way to provide company information for the media, customers, and employees alike. But a social newsroom can do so much more. It can actually draw more traffic to your website by helping your overall search engine optimization efforts.

A social media newsroom is a traffic-building clearinghouse that offers more than the usual news releases. To offer your audiences optimal value, an SMNR houses everything from company videos, product images, and links to news coverage, mobile feeds, bios, podcasts, white papers and perhaps even some cookie cutter quotes for easy use in articles about your industry, trends, news, company statements, etc.

An SMNR is an organized way of presenting your business case. Let an array of sharp PR tools and packaged results tell your business story. At the same time, you’re making it super-easy for a viewer to engage, interact, and even virally share your goodness with the world. A SMNR goes well beyond a traditional online press room. An SMNR dimensionalizes it, and gives it “legs.”

Companies are shifting away from the traditional online newsroom in droves. That’s because the way consumers communicate has shifted. Think SmartPhone apps, social marketing, viral videos, and the penchant for content sharing on the Web. A social media newsroom puts your brand in sync with this communication wave.

A social media newsroom gives you the power of public relations “to go” packaged in a way that is delivered to the right person at the right time in the right format.
Think about it . . . Public relations is a proven, cost-effective way of promoting a service or product, of establishing third-party credibility, and getting media and consumer attention for your brand. Create a SMNR on your site and:

  • Your website becomes more media-friendly. An SMNR signals that you’re serious about making a journalist’s job easier – and that’s half the battle when you seek media coverage. Why not give them a one-stop filled with downloadable content and contact and other relevant links – everything they need to develop a story about your company?
  • It’s easier to create new brand fans. Your site’s now organized to engage viewers longer. You’re also making it easy to take your PR tools and communiqués viral on Facebook, Twitter, on blogs, in chat rooms, and beyond.
  • Your website becomes more discoverable on search engines. All of the content on your SMNR page helps your SEO case through links, compelling content and quite simply more cards in the hat. The multimedia and PR tools on your newsroom page should be tagged with your primary target keywords. This helps deliver more targeted traffic to your site!

A social media newsroom dials-up your company’s virtual voice, and that’s something that every small business owner and entrepreneur needs for success.



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