In Social Media, Change is the Only Constant: SSPR Social Media Summit 2017


Ferris Bueller said it best, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Our team of social media experts lives and breathes for the fast-paced, evolutionary social media landscape. We welcome change daily, but take time to pause every year during our annual Social Media Summit. As we gather to reflect on our accomplishments, we also take the time to learn from each other’s experiences and expertise while discussing changes in the social industry.

We’re looking forward to the 2nd annual #SSPRSocialSummit this week, where our team will be gearing up to stop, look, listen and take action:


Stop and take time to reflect. We’re in the prime of the digital age, the constant buzz of our cell phone notifications makes it nearly impossible to take a technology-free breath. Pausing for a moment of reflection helps our team continue to thrive with the foundation of industry knowledge and experience under our feet.


Did Facebook change the NewsFeed again? Where did that login button on Instagram go? Social media platforms are consistently changing their analytics, platforms and features. This year, Twitter transformed its entire platform to overcome challenges addressed by users. And Facebook is updating its algorithms to fight against fake news and spammers while advancing its advertising platform. Our team is hyper aware of these updates, always on the hunt for creative ways to make these changes work for our clients.


The SSPR social media team has a wealth of knowledge and individual expertise, and the Social Media Summit is a great time for us to reconnect and learn from one another. We take pride in sharing everything from successful social media campaigns to having deep discussions about the power of a targeted audience. As a group, we work to identify and understand the parts of a successful campaign and isolate the formula to replicate that success in the future.

Take Action

So, where do we go from here? After all this reflecting, learning and collaborating, it’s time to take action and start putting our new skills to the test. The team is always finding new opportunities to bring our clients’ social strategies to the next level, and our takeaways from this year’s summit will only fuel that growth.

Tune into our SSPR social media channels this week for more details and live tweets from our annual Social Media Summit! Don’t forget to tweet @SSPR for more social media questions you’d like us to answer in our blog. #doSocial #SSPRSocialSummit



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