CES 2008: What happened in Vegas…


This year, approximately 140,000 people (roughly the population of Syracuse, NY) descended on Las Vegas for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Those not brave enough to fight through airport security or stand in long cab lines found it easier than ever to virtually be at the show thanks, to live bloggers. Some of my favorites here: www.cnet.com, www.gizmodo.com, www.valleywag.com. Here’s a few highlights that I ran across:

Software I’m so glad didn’t exist 15 years ago

Child monitoring software– My parents used to give me a quarter to call them from a pay phone when I needed to get picked up from the movies or basketball practice. When was the last time you saw a pay phone? Kids now NEED cell phones to communicate with their parents, but kids as young as 10 don’t always play by the rules. Radar from eAgency sends parents copies of what kids are texting or sending via picture mail. Parents are encouraged to use this as a tool for the first time cell phone user, not pry into what their 17 year olds are doing. www.mymobilewatchdog.com

Gadget I really needed 3 days ago

I brought so many charging cords for my various electronic gadgets to Vegas this week, that I’m surprised that DIA let me through the security line with no hassles. I know I’m not alone. Wildcharge came out with a really cool flat pad (about the size of my mouse pad) that charges just about all of my devices with no cords. All you have to do is put a small adapter on each device, and when you place the device on the pad, it charges. Bonus: Time Magazine named it product of the year. www.wildcharge.com

Gadgets to quit your day job over

My new favorite video game is Guitar Hero, and you couldn’t turn the corner without running into the latest guitar related gadgets. My 2 favorites are the ezJam wired guitar, that has 2 sets of colored keys designed for smaller hands and a better grip, and the Air Guitar Rocker, which is a true air guitar accessory. Now, If I can only play Guitar Hero on more than just “Medium”… www.ezgear.com www.jadatoys.com

Software to “apply directly to your TV”

I can’t get enough of Project Runway, and even skipping over commercials with my DVR can be frustrating. I tend to hit the fast-forward button one too many times, coming dangerously close to seeing who was “auf’d” before hearing the explanation from Heidi Klum. A new software from VideoReDo does the heavy lifting for me- eliminating commercials and burning the show to a DVD. Say goodbye to the Aflac duck & Cavemen for good. www.videoredo.com

What did you see that was cool? Feel free to leave a comment below or send a tweet.


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