CES- What happened in Vegas 2010


After braving Las Vegas traffic jams, January cold and flu season, and $10 pieces of pizza for lunch, I’m pleased to report back on 2010 CES!  I must say the overall attitude of this show is much improved from 2009.  Attendance is reported at over 120,000– 6% over last year.  (This is still down from a high of 141,000 in 2008, which seems like too many cooks in the kitchen if you ask me!)

The Good:

3D TV:
I admit I went into the show not buying the 3D TV hype- after all I was skeptical after last year’s buzz over the Palm Pre.  The first set I saw was from a company playing an animated graphic- cool, but nothing to call home about.  I next moved to the Panasonic booth where they were playing a clip of last year’s Ohio State / Michigan football game, and then showed ice skating in conjunction with the Olympics.  I must say- the live sporting events were unbelievably cool, and lived up to the hype.

The only downside I see (aside from price) is the ugly, uncomfortable, & bulky glasses. I anticipate a boom in 3D glasses, much in the way the iPod/iPhone case & accessories industry has taken off. Another industry with great interest in 3D TVs is the gaming industry- I’m truly excited about developments in this space moving forward.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t see myself watching CNN or even an entire football game in 3D, but watching the highlights on SportsCenter afterward would be a blast.

Wireless Power:
I am really excited about the developments in Wireless Power.  My trusty iPhone battery died on me midway through the first day due to frequent e-mail checks and Twitter posts.  It was a pain to not only carry my charger with me all day, but then find an empty socket to charge it.  I was pleased to find a comfortable chair next to the D-Link coffee-shop area outside of the press room- complete with a talented guitar player.  I bet others weren’t so lucky!

The Bad:

Am I the only one to notice the male-to-female ratio?  It seemed more exaggerated to me than in recent years.  Are women really THAT under-represented in the Consumer Technology Industry?  I did find it funny to see lines out the door for the men’s room, while the ladies room was free and clear.  Maybe some things are worth it?

The Ugly:

Thanks to Gizmodo and Crunch Gear who pointed out the DailyTech article on the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) kicking out vendors who booked meeting rooms at the Venetian & Palazzo.  I’m assuming this had something to do with CEA’s agreement with the Venetian & Hilton.  I’m also sure that people have been ‘illegally’ booking suites at these hotels since the beginning of CES itself.  I guess the economy has pushed the CEA to the breaking point!

Just my 2 cents!  Agree, Disagree- let me know!  @KristinMiller



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