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I can’t count the number of clients wanting to know the secrets to creating and distributing a viral video.  Here’s my top-secret formula…

(Create Funny, Timely, or Interesting Video that incorporates company messaging and product visibility) + (Distribute said video to key industry influencers) x (Encourage said influencers to share video with their friends, colleagues, and fans) ^ (Cross Fingers & Pray) = Successful Viral Video

While creating a viral video is simple in theory, it is actually one of the more challenging tasks for a Marketing or PR Professional.   That said, this viral video from Grasshopper exemplifies that the formula really does work. Link here.

Watch the video- It’s a funny, timely parody of Internet Geek culture, our obsession with Internet entrepreneurs and technology.  It is well made, completely professional, and ties in an uber-popular Jay-Z song.

Now Watch again- When Grasshopper created this viral video, they seamlessly incorporated product branding without distracting the viewer.  The video was branded as “The New Dork- Entrepreneur State of Mind”.  It didn’t have flashing neon lights saying come to our products are the best!  A colleague and I watched this video several times trying to count the number of almost subliminal Grasshopper mentions.  We are still deliberating on a final number. 😉

I would love to hear from Grasshopper’s marketing team that, as a result of the video, web traffic has increased by X%, or qualified sales leads have increased by Y%.  (Call me and let me know, okay?)  What I can see is that Twitter chatter has exploded not only for The New Dork (expected), but also for Grasshopper as a company (the point of the entire video).

Perhaps the new recipe for viral videos is to commission a professional video that makes fun of the Internet’s obsession with Cat Videos and Farmville games on Facebook, add a half-of-a-pinch of company messaging, and wait for the chatter to begin?

Agree, disagree?  Let me know! @KristinMiller



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