Video Marketing PR – Is It the New “Face Time”?


Video Marketing, Public Relations DistributionVideo marketing may be redefining the concept of spending face time with customers and prospects. How deeply into video marketing PR should your brand or small business venture? For a clue, consider this…

According to a Cisco Internet forecasting report from June 2011:

  • An Internet video destination currently represents a hefty 40 percent of consumer traffic.
  • By 2015, video is expected to claim about 62 percent of online traffic.

The Business Case for Video Marketing

The marketing implications are powerful. One might even consider video marketing a threat to all those “About Us” pages we’ve carefully crafted for our websites. If there’s an Internet video tipping point in our future, video marketing PR already figures in it prominently.

Fact is, YouTube is the second most searched website on the Internet, second only to Google, (YouTube’s owner).  This doesn’t even factor the time spent on site numbers for video compared to say,, which has a profound effect on the value of a visitor to a video site vs. a search portal.  Users spend a considerable amount of time on video sites compared to other sites on the Internet. Consumers use the search box on YouTube for far more than entertainment.

Video Marketing: The Close-up

Video viewers seek everything from travel and automotive recommendations to financial and marriage advice. But it’s not just B2C; B2B marketing has a strong presence in the online video business, too. Helping meeting all of these needs for information are video-savvy marketers – in many cases PR practitioners who understand the soft sell and lead generation.

Mega brands, small business startup and solo entrepreneurs alike have already created their own YouTube channels. If your plate’s too full to add video marketing to your promotional mix, align with a PR firm offering small businesses this expertise.

If doing it in-house isn’t an option, a video marketing PR service can create your YouTube channel, quality video content for it, and cultivate the publicity it needs to attract targeted sales leads.

Easy Video Marketing Ideas

If time and in-house resources aren’t an issue, getting into DIY video marketing isn’t difficult. Your videos needn’t start out as big budget numbers, and they needn’t be complex. What’s more important is a focus on demonstrating your value to a prospect.
Here’s one way to think of it: Video marketing is a fun, engaging way to dimensionalize your business case. You probably already have several new business marketing tools at your disposal. They can likely serve at the basis for quick video treatments. Some examples:

  • Video-lize Your PowerPoint Slide Presentations:  The fastest path to video marketing PR involves recycling existing PowerPoint presentations. Just record a voiceover for them, guided by the speech you originally gave. If your computer doesn’t have a built-in microphone, you can purchase an inexpensive plug-in microphone.
  • Repurpose Papers You’ve Published:  Leverage video marketing to bring new life to your white papers, popular blog posts, and surveys. Again, you can first turn them into PowerPoint presentations. However, if you’re ready to move beyond PPT, record the work as a live talk. Be sure to insert some visuals at strategic points, to keep it interesting and help drive home key points.
  • Create an Instructional Video Series:  “How to” is the most powerful phrase in video marketing. So produce some simple instructional videos your target audience would value. While many how-to videos include a voiceover, plenty only use a compelling music bed as audio.
  • Transform Videotaped Speeches into a Series:  Did you or your CEO recently speak at an industry event with a sizable audience? If you have a video copy of it, edit it down to a series of two- to three-minute videos. This could give you ample video content to “drip” for many months.

If you’d like to see more sales leads online or simply engage your audience with more than just text/images, try adding video marketing PR to your online promotional mix.



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